Trip to Dharamsala

( For Shri Shubhamoorty  )

Note: This is the first draft. This itinerary will further modified when the date of the trip is confirmed; as we can incorporate interesting happenings of town in the itinerary. And will also be customized according to the needs and the preferences of the travelers. 
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Day 1: Arrival at Dharamsala
  • Arrival, Dalai Temple and Museum.

Day 2: Introduction to Tibetan Exile Community
  • Visit to Norbulinka, Tibetan traditional handicraft learning center.

  • In the afternoon, we will have a conversational Tenzin Tsundue, an activist/writer.

Day 3: Your Day
  • The organiser believes that a rest day in-between is not only important for the health but also enjoyable. So on this day you can relax at the guesthouse and do the laundry. Or you can plan the day your own and make it interesting and meaningful.

Day 4: Tibetan Exile Government
  • Visit to Tibetan Exile Government 

  • Conversation with an official/scholar.

Day 5: Visit NGOs
  • Visit some NGOs and talk to their representatives.

Day 6: Return home
  • Return Home

The End